The Ahmad Butler Foundation

JavaScript, Nuxt.js, Node.js, Webpack, Static HTML Prerendering, SEO Optimization + Services, Web Management

Project Details

I first met the ABF back in early 2020. I was told by the founder of ABF, who is also a friend of mine, named Latanya Butler that it was necessary to have their own proprietary website or a nonprofit could not be recognized as a nonprofit in her state. We first met when I applied to a Facebook job post requiring a web designer. Latanya was great to work with and is a wonderful person. I am happy to have offered my services to the benefit of the organization and the kids that may have been helped by this website.

The website is built using JavaScript for the front page and WordPress for the blog. In less than a year the nonprofit became one of the best nonprofits in the country (according to an accredited independent review board).

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