Artune Muzik

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Dreamweaver, Payment Processing, Invoicing, PayPal

Project Details

I found this job on Tunnie Smith is an experienced singer who toured with 70s and 80s R&B groups Earth, Wind & Fire and other famous artists. He needed a website to launch his new record label but wanted it to be small and easy to manage. He has no knowledge of the internet or how to use it.

I decided to keep it simple and cheap. He'd rely on me for small and minor changes but he'd pay no hosting fees and use Infinity Free hosting (FREE). Using this method he pays very little to maintain the site and only $5 to $20 for minor alterations from time to time.

Tunnie also requested a proprietary store included that would allow customers to buy his albums from directly off his website. I built in a custom HTML store using PayPal Standard checkout buttons programmed in JavaScript (programming language) that would allow purchases to be made and money deposited in his PayPal account. From there, he could transfer it to his bank account for a small fee.

Normally I'd include Woocommerce but because he neither has the money to pay me per month to manage it for him or have the knowhow to manage it on his own I decided to leave it out and have invoices sent to his email address. From there he can put the customer order information in his books. I find this a better way for people who are older and do not have understanding of computers to manage orders. This is especially true if they don't have to money to hire a website expert for management.

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