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Project Details

USCP had a very old HTML 4.1 website and needed an upgrade. The old version of USCP was ranking high on search engines and sported a very quick load speed but an outdated design and was very difficult to read on phones. Steve, the Director of Engineering at USCP, hired me to build a WordPress website to upgrade the out-of-date design into a new and SEO-friendly version of their business website.

While working on the WordPress website I became unsatisfied with the speed of WordPress and found it as a hindrance. Many people do not know but Google finds poor website load speeds a hindrance just like me and places search ranking penalties on WordPress websites when they load slowly. WordPress is widely known to have website load speed as one of its main negative traits. Despite the many plugins that can improve website load speed I was not satisfied and decided to move the entire website over to JavaScript and Vue.js.

In order to allow Steve and USCP the ability to make changes to the site on their own without having to hire me I built the app in Vue.js (JavaScript progarmming language + Front End Development Framework) using WordPress REST API and Woocommerce REST API. The details of how these tools work are unimportant. The important thing is these tools allow me to connect WordPress and Woocommerce to the actual web application I am building so Steve can use WordPress (a website editing tool) and Woocommerce (an e-commerce website managing tool) to easily edit and change website content without needing a developer all the time.

I chose Nuxt.js (another Vue.js-based JavaScript framework for SEO-friendly code) to ensure it places high on search engines. Using static prerendering techniques, I was able to prerender all dynamic routes. If developers are reading, I used a custom built Generate command to ensure I automatically get ALL routes without having to manually enter each one every time I build the app. For everyone else, the site ranks high on search engines with minimal overhead or time put in. Basically, most of It manages itself and Steve and non-coders can manage the rest while making sales from SEO without paying for ads.

The site helped generate over $400,000 in sales in less than a few months and helped make USCP more successful and stabilize a turbulent Covid-19 pandemic year in 2020. Now, they are headed to a safer and bountiful 2021.

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